Have you wondered what the local government’s push to do “central planning” in the city of Ruston is all about?  We don’t know what this is all about.  We don’t understand.  But we have questions, and so should you.

Patriotic “Radicals” all over tie this type of planning to an Agenda called UN Agenda 21.  It’s not conspiracy.  This planning has been playing out on the World Stage.  Presidents have signed off supporting parts of it.  Most of the leaders in these meetings have denied even knowing about Agenda 21.  They respond with “What is that?” then take turns staring at each other in surprise.  Really? It’s not exactly a secret. (From Wikipedia)

“The United States is a signatory country to Agenda 21, but because Agenda 21 is not a treaty, the Senate was unable to hold a formal debate or vote on it, nor was it ratified in any way by the executive branch. Several congressmen and senators, however, have spoken in Congress in support of Agenda 21; these include Representative Nancy Pelosi, SenatorJohn Kerry, and Senator Harry Reid.[10]

According to the UN Agenda21 is very clear.  The end game is to move people out of the suburbs and in to the central cores of the cities.  They want you out of your cars.  They want you in public transportation.  They want centralized schooling.  They want centralized food storage.  They want total government control of your lives. They DO NOT want you to have personal property, or the right to use it, if you can keep it, as you please.

You think “Poppycock.  That’s crazy talk.”  Is it?  Do you think they’d just come out and say it?  Do you think they even realize what they are doing?  They don’t.  They are taught about “Best Practices”.  They are taught about “Movements and Trends”.  They are taught to say certain things, and avoid certain other things (like Agenda21).  They use all kinds of nice flowery rhetoric.  But they are boiling the proverbial frog (you & I).  They just don’t expect you to catch on, or question them.

Wake up and join us to question and possibly challenge them, before it’s too late.

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